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Here is the contents list of the Winter 1996 issue of History of Photography, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 285-379.
The theme of the first two-thirds of this issue on pp. 285-341 is Alfred Stieglitz [1864-1946]:

Pamela Colman Smith and Alfred Stieglitz: Modernism at 291 PARSONS Melinda Boyd 285–92
Alfred Stieglitz and Ernest Bloch: Art and Hypnosis WEAVER Mike 293–303
Arnold Rönnebeck and Alfred Stieglitz: Remembering the Hill FAHLMAN Betsey 304–311
Alfred Stieglitz: From Nudes to Clouds PEELER David P. 312–19
How Stieglitz Came to Photograph Cityscapes SMITH Joel 320–31
Two Stieglitz Autochromes: Katheria and Käti Raab POHLMANN Ulrich 332–3
(With) Holding Camera Work [Alfred Stieglitz] HULL Roger 333–4
Stieglitz and the Destructive Element ORVELL Miles 334–5
Alfred Stieglitz Women Artists and Modern Dance BRIGGS Patricia 335–6
Georgia and Ida OKeefe KAPLAN Daile 336
Woman in Stieglitz's Eye WELCH John S. 337–8
H. S. Ede Visits Stieglitz EDE H. S. 338
Dorothy Norman: Love and Muse GUTMAN Judith Mara 338
Diane Arbus To Alfred Stieglitz SMITH Jeol 338–9
Richard Whelan's Steiglitz [book review] JACOBS David L. 339–40
The Stiegliz Archive [at Yale] MARKHAM Sandra 340–1
Alfred Stieglitz's Apples HERBERT Loraine 341
Von Stuck and Photography WEAVER Mike 341
Eight articles and notes on miscellaneous subjects:      
William Lake Price and James Mudd: The Shattered Utopia EDWARDS Steve 342–4
René Dagron Inventor of Microfilm LUTHER Frederic 345–61
Photography in Eugene Jolas's transition Magazine MONK Craig 362–5
Digital Imaging: A Select Bibliography ANON   366–8
Hanns Hubmann (d. 1996) [and Nazi propaganda] SACHSSE Rolf 369
Charles Marville [Photographs in State Library of Victoria Australia] GALIMANY Michael D. 369
Dating Edward Weston’s Tina on the Azotea KNIGHT Thomas A. 371
‘Martin Laroche’ was not Canadian WOOD R. Derek 371–3
Recent Publications     374–5
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