Letter from James Henderson to W. H. F. Talbot, dated 5 April 1856

Lacock Abbey Collection: LA56.018

Western Rooms
April 5th 1856

[To] H: F: Talbot Esqre

I must apologise for troubling you, with reference to the decision on the 26th February – in the suit and action between yourself and me – doubtless you have been apprised that I was awarded 150 as damages (to be paid with 14 days from that date, but which I have not yet received) and the Bill to be taxed – As I am given to understand a part of the costs will not be allowed in Taxation, I am certain to be a very considerable loser, with so small an amount of compensation – When these proceedings commenced against me in 1854, I had attained a comfortable position, & good business, – in Regent St – which I was obliged to sell, at a great sacrifise, on account of the injury I sustained both in my business, & my health, through the Injunction obtained against me – And the provincial tour in which I have (solely on this account) ever since, been compelled to be engaged, has proved so unsuccessful that I have already lost £200 by it – I feel assured a gentleman of your standing, would not wish a poor man, like myself to be the sufferer – And therefore trust you will take my case into consideration, & kindly allow me some additional compensation – as I had no wish to infringe your patent – and as the bill was filed against me, without giving me any previous notice, I had no alternative but to defend myself, in the usual course – by which, though an innocent, I have, unfortunately, been, a very severe sufferer in every way –

Trusting you will give this matter your early and favorable attention – I beg to subscribe myself Sir/

Your most obedient Servant

James Henderson

Also in the Lacock Abbey collection is the following letter dated 13 January 1855 from Talbot's lawyer William Carpmael to Talbot which concerns the last stage of Talbot v. Henderson.
The following text is from the transcription by the Talbot Correspondence Project, University of Glasgow, directed by Larry Schaaf, most valuably made available on line at http://foxtalbot.dmu.ac.uk

[To] H. F. Talbot. Esq

Dear Sir

It appears to me that in the state of proceedings between you and Henderson you could not give in Evidence a disclaimer or altered specification that is a disclaimer or alteration made pending the proceedings The statute says that <no> disclaimer or alteration shall be received in Evidence which has been made pending the proceedings - Under these circumstances till I am better informed as to the exact state of the proceedings between you & Henderson I delay going to the Atty General

Yours very truly
William Carpmael

Lincolns Inn
Janry 13th. 1855

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